The digital world is competitive, Artists make less on music sales, and the old “Plantation System” of music promotion is no longer feasible. Technology has turned the music industry on its ear.

Transitioning to a technology-rich era ushers promise for Artists wanting to enhance profits and hope for fans needing great music greatly priced.™ is cutting edge because it’s the FIRST and ONLY company that is PAYING ARTISTS FIRST!™ Artists upload original works to™’s mwseqVault™. Paying mwseqPatrons™ then download and stream their favorite Artist’s tracks.

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The independent artist is otherwise free to do whatever the artist pleases with her/his music. For instance,™ encourages the artist to perform their music live and/or broadcast it via radio, TV, internet and so forth. (After all, this sort of marketing and promotion merely benefits the distribution business.)

In addition to the mwseqPatron™ commissions, artists receive royalties whenever their tracks are downloaded by other artists’ mwseqPatrons™.